Solar Space Heating

Solar space heating is an alternative to a full blown radiant heating system and has many potential uses. Based on our solar hot tub technology, a solar space heater uses a radiator to transfer heat into a space.

There are two types of solar radiant heating that you can use to heat your home or office:

1) Solar space heating
2) In floor radiant heating

The first is what we’ll call a solar space heater. This is the simplest type of radiant heating option – a radiator connected to a Sunbank or a series of Sunbanks, controlled by a pump station. This type of system is appropriate for many applications in which there is one heating zone. Examples include a space heating retrofit, aquaponic and hydroponic heating, and any other space that can use supplemental heating.


The other category is a multi-zone system, such as you find with typical in floor radiant heating installations. The difference between these two categories has mostly to do with plumbing configurations and electronic controls.

Solar space heating is a very simple closed loop heating system that functions with minimal extraneous plumbing and controls and therefore costs less. The traditions heating system that can provide both domestic water to showers and in floor heating offers more flexibility in function but comes with more complexity and cost.

For in floor radiant heating we recommend the open direct plumbing configuration. For more information about this configuration visit our Solar Radiant Heating Installation Page.

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