Maximum Durability Solar Pool Heater


3’3″ x 6’6″ glazed flat plate solar pool heater

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The SB-1200D is an SRCC certified glazed flat plate solar thermal collector and pool heater. Often used to replace the plastic pool collectors that last for 3-5 years before they leak, the SB-1200D has a 10 year warranty and a 30+ year life expectancy. Instead of plastic that breaks down in the sun, the water in the SB-1200D travels through 3/4″ copper tubing.

The collector is made of high quality copper tubing, corrosion resistant aluminum frame, selective absorber coating, and tempered glass. It has four 3/4″ copper ports coming from the header and footer to which one can sweat copper fittings. The collector can be mounted directly to solar rail on a pitched roof or can be mounted either horizontally or vertically using one of our accompanying brackets on a flat surface (sold separately). The SB-1200D has a standard 10 year warranty for manufacturer’s defects.

Sizing: the SB-1200D is a 22 sq ft collector. To find how many you would need for your pool, you start by calculating the surface area of the pool. You want as many collectors as 50-100% of the surface area of the pool. For example, if your pool is 10 ft x 30 ft, you have a 300 sq ft pool. Divide 300 by 22 and you get 14 collectors for 100% of the surface area. So, you would want 7-14 collectors, depending on the area that you have to install the collectors, your budget, your climate, and how much heat you want to add to your pool. And you will tie these collectors into your existing filter pump/heating system with a solar pool controller that is used to maintain the desired temperature of the pool.

Additional information

Weight 72.7 lbs
Dimensions 39.5 × 78.75 × 3.25 in


The Collector

  • Ideal for residential or commercial systems (active)
  • Can be installed to heat a pool, hot tub, or domestic water
  • SRCC OG-100 certified

Technical Specifications

pdf icon imageSunbank SB-1200D Flat Plate Collector Spec Sheet