Automatic Overheat Protection Kit (for stand-alone installations)


Sunbank Automatic Overheat Protection when used with the Sunbank Controller

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The Sunbank Automatic Overheat Protection, uses a radiator and pump, controlled by the Sunbank controller (either the Smart Home or 609C controller) to dissipate heat from the Sunbank tank when the temperature goes over the setpoint. Most of our customers with correctly sized systems who have regular hot water consumption won’t need this accessory. This system is not for use in areas with prolonged hard freezes.

Customers who may be interested in and can use this accessory are:

  1. Customers who live in places without prolonged hard freezes.
  2. Customers who use their Sunbank intermittently or infrequently, like short-term rentals or second homes.
  3. Customers who live in a climate where their consumption does not keep up with the amount of hot water the Sunbank produces.

Many of our DIY customers who meet the above conditions may prefer the method of painting half of the tube and rotating it seasonally or before going on a long vacation. But for customers who are not comfortable venturing onto the roof, this product may be for you.

The Sunbank Automatic Overheat Protection Kit includes:

  • 4 ft. radiator (a second for the 80G +$100),
  • A pump and power supply
  • A weatherproof box
  • Copper fittings (sweat connection required)
  • Copper pipe
  • Pipes clamps
  • Brackets for attachment to Sunbank frame
  • Stainless steel water heater connectors.

Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions about installation, integrating with the controllers, or whether this product is right for you. Requires copper pipe soldering and a separate power source for the pump. We cannot give specific weather recommendations for your area, and freeze damage is your responsibility.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in