Sunbank Solar Hot Tub Heater Kit


Solar Hot Tub Heater Kit

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An alternative to heating your spa with only electricity, the Sunbank Solar hot tub heater kit is a closed loop heating kit that offsets electricity consumption by putting solar heat into your hot tub. The kit comes with an SRCC certified glazed flat plate solar collector, heat exchanger (drop in or integrated version), mounting bracket (roof mount or ground mount), and the components of a solar controlled pump station including solar photovoltaic (PV) panel. You provide PEX piping and fittings as those are custom for each project. Comes with installation instructions. Assembly required.

The kit works with already functioning hot tubs or off grid soaking tubs. For an off-grid tub you will want more collector capacity and the overheat protection system to regulate it. For grid connected tubs, the solar kit adds heat to your tub during the day while the sun is shining and the electric element kicks in whenever the temperature falls below the thermostat setting at night or on cloudy days. The solar hot tub kit puts in 21,000 BTU or 6 kWh equivalent of heat on a sunny day. That’s roughly as much as a 2 KW solar PV system that costs ~$10,000 installed. The kit will put in heat whenever it is available, which means having a hot tub that is slightly hotter than usual or lowering your thermostat (or using a timer) to allow for solar heat input.

When ordering, send an email to [email protected] with your heat exchanger and mounting bracket preference. Also specify if you would like any of the optional components and we can send you a custom invoice that includes those items.


Extra collector for more solar capacity: +$700

Freeze Protection Kit – corrosion inhibiting propylene glycol: + $75

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