Sunbank Solar Swim Spa Heater Kit – 4 collectors


Small pool or Solar Swim Spa Heater Kit


An alternative to heating your swim spa with expensive electricity, the Sunbank Solar Swim Spa Heater Kit is a swim spa heater comprised of copper solar collectors that quickly pays for itself. The kit comes with an SRCC certified glazed flat plate solar collector, heat exchanger (drop in or integrated version), mounting bracket (roof mount or ground mount), and the components of a solar controlled pump station including the solar panel (PV). You provide PEX piping and fittings as those are custom for each project. Comes with installation instructions. Assembly required.

When ordering, send an email to with your heat exchanger and mounting bracket preference. Also specify if you would like any of the optional components and we can send you a custom invoice that includes those items.


Freeze Protection Kit – inhibited propylene glycol: + $150


The sizing will vary based on your climate, your solar resources, how well insulated your pool or spa is, and whether or not you use a cover. To confirm your sizing, heat your pool or spa up to temperature and then turn off the heat source for 24 hours. Take the temperature of the pool/spa at the beginning of the 24 hour period and at the end and send us the results with the dimensions and volume of the pool/spa.

Typical Sizing:

Number of Collectors / Surface Area of Pool

  • 2 / < 100ft2
  • 4 / 100ft2 – 200ft2
  • 6 / 200ft2 – 300ft2

Larger pools require more collectors according to the same scale of 2 collectors per 100 sq ft. Contact us for larger installations.

Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 39.25 × 79.75 × 3.5 in